Tadao Ando – Japanese Pavilion at Expo92

The Japanese Pavilion at the Seville Expo ’92 is one of the largest wooden structures in the world. Built in 1992, the pavilion was atypical of Ando’s works, constructed almost entirely from wood rather than concrete and glass. The intention of the design was to familiarize the world with the more traditional design style of Japan, one of unique geometry and spartan decoration.  Additionally, the entire building was coated in a layer of Teflon to protect from the elements.

The building features a large, arching bridge to bring visitors to the top level of the building, symbolizing a transition from the old, traditional Japan to modern times. It also runs from east to west, indicating a connection between Western and Eastern cultures. The interior rooms all vary in size and shape, and include galleries for displaying the past and present Japanese culture.

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