Philharmonie de Paris – Paris, France

The Philharmonie de Paris is a collection of buildings dedicated to music. Jean Nouvel is responsible for the building known as Philharmonie 1, which opened in January of 2015. It was a source of trouble for Nouvel, as it ran 3 years over schedule, and cost double its original budget. Despite this, Nouvel boycotted its opening, as he claimed it was not finished and he needed more time. The building itself is very organic in shape, employing many curves, with the exterior featuring aluminum panels contrasted against an otherwise matte finish. It features the complex’s largest concert hall, as well as dressing rooms, rehersal rooms, and chamber music studios. It also hosts an educational center, for hosting workshops. On top of that, it has exhibition space, a conference hall, and two restaurants.   

Guthrie Theater – Minneapolis, USA

The Guthrie Theater was founded in 1963, after its namesake Sir Tyrone Guthrie decided to create a resident theater for the Twin Cities. Jean Nouvel became involved when the theater moved to its current location on the Mississippi River, where construction was completed in 2006. There are three theaters in the new complex: a thrust stage, a proscenium stage, and a black box studio. The design of the thrust stage is remarkable, as it is designed so that none of the 1,100 audience seats are more than 15 feet from the actors. The Guthrie Theater complex also incorporates public spaces, including what is known as the Endless Bridge, which connects the building to the Mississippi itself. Most notably however, are the exterior walls, which are covered in photographs from past plays and lit to be clearly visible at night, a fitting tribute to a Minneapolis institution with so much history.

Torre Glòries – Barcelona, Spain

The Torre Glòries, formerly known as Torre Agbar, sits in the technological district of Barcelona. It was completed in 2004, under the ownership of a multinational group called Agbar. It changed hands multiple times before being purchased in 2017 by its current owners, Merlin Properties, who changed the name to Torre Glòries. Its unusual shape was supposedly inspired by a geyser shooting into the air, however, its phallic shape has not gone unnoticed, earning multiple nicknames locally. Another large factor in its design was Nouvel rejecting traditional skyscraper design, especially like those seen in North America. Torre Glòries features a glass facade over reinforced concrete, featuring 4,500 LEDs that allow images to be displayed. It also includes temperature sensors to control the light entering the building, allowing less energy to be used for heating and cooling. Since its construction, it has become a symbol of Barcelona.


Arab World Institute – Paris, France

The Arab World Institute, or Institut du Monde Arabe, houses an organization of the same name, dedicated to promoting the relationship between Arab and French countries, as well as developing European understanding of Arabic culture. Sitting between the Seine and Pierre and Marie Curie University, the building finished construction in 1987. On the Seine side, the facade curves with the path of the river. The opposite side, however, is straight and rectangular, covered in glass. Behind the glass, however, is an intricate motorized metal screen, with geometric patterns being created by 240 photo-sensitive apertures. This acts as a mechanism to control the light coming into the building. This combination of technology and design was responsible for launching Nouvel into the spotlight. In 1989, the Arab World Institute was the recipient of the Aga Kahn Award for Architectural Excellence.  

Jean Nouvel

Jean Nouvel is a French architect, born on August 12, 1945. He completed his architectural training in Paris at the École des Beaux-Arts. He went on to become a founding member of the Mars 1976 movement, which lead to him founding the Syndicat de l’Architecture, a labor union for architects. His work has attracted international attention, and has resulted in many awards, including the Aga-Kahn Prize (1989), the Lion d’Or of the Venice Biennale (2000), the Royal Gold Medal of the Royal Institute of British Architects (2001), the Borromini Prize (2001),  the Wolf Prize in Arts (2005), and the Pritzker Prize (2008). His designs are often recognizable by their use of bright colors, and experimental and high-tech concepts.

BLOG#4-A2A-Messnia residence

Messnia residence has the same function similar to the other constructions by A2A their foundations being focused on modern architecture it is evident from the construction of the Messnia residence. The foundation of the house is stones with layers of marbles having its own dam. The residence is fit for holidays and honeymoons. A2A ensured that the interior was uniquely constructed in order to accommodate different functions. The house is built at serine environment that is less populated. A2A have been masters of constructing high-end houses that can be booked or rented at fees that are reasonable for such kind of houses. Messnia residence since its construction in 2010 it has hosted different dignitaries and celebrities that have praised the unique structure of the house. These praises have further credited the willingness of the team working together to provide unique pieces of art every time.

BLOG#3-A2A-Remvis residence


Remvis residence is designed and constructed by A2A team; it was built in 2011 it offers rooms for residential, leisure or office purposes that can be rented. A2A ensured that they obtained the best setting in architecture mostly in Greece. They had barely begun there architectural journey since Remvis residence is amongst one of their earlier works. In fact, they were rewarded by the EIA architectural rewards for their exemplary work that they showed by constructing and designing Remvis residence. It is a private design, which is signified by its geometric designs with regular lines; making it pleasing to see. The space provided is enough for the recreation activities. The large yard and floor space are sometimes used for parties; such concept is what makes A2A as the preferable architectural firm that can build various modern apartments.


BLOG#2-A2A-Tzia residence

Tzia residence is part of A2 architects modern constructions the architectural team that has always grasped the concept of modernity has raised the bars of architecture in Greece and its environs. Tzia residence is a private villa that is near the sea, hence providing a unique set of the scenery of the beaches around the apartment. A2A designed in 2017 is for sale to the clients that are interested in modern setting that ensures that the clients receive the best. The rental and business apartments that have been designed by A2A have been highly praises due to their uniqueness and ability to please clients. Although the prices might be high for the common citizens the houses remain admirable. Tzia residence is constructed using different layers of stones with a unique layout to its structure.

BLOG#1-A2A-Twin buildings

The beautiful building that was designed by the architectural team founders, Sotiris Anyfantis who teamed up with Yiannis Anyfantis. The twin buildings modern architecture was constructed in 2008 with spacious decorations and well-constructed materials. The team created this apartment for the sole purpose of being rented. It is strategically located some short distance from the city center.  The areas that surround the building was well selected it contributes to the scenic setting of the building at the city of Ioannina, erected at the hill. A2A was interested in designing an apartment that was favorable for anyone since all the required amenities needed are all around. The modern setting of the building provides a fortunate mode of designing brought forward by A2A. 



Blog#4: Jones and Jones Architects (Southern Ute Cultural Center and Museum)

As for the last my last blog, I would like to introduce the building that I liked the most among their entire works. When I saw this pictures for the first time, I  was attacked by this complicated structures. This is the Southern Ute Cultural Center and Museum in Ignacio, Colorado. According to the internet, the design is inspired by the Southern Utes’ powerful connection to their land.

The important thing to stay here is not only great exhibitions but also the different lighting of the central conic form between daytime and nighttime. It is expressing that the multiple cultural sources including the teepee, wickup, and woven basketry.  The two wings emulate an eagle and embrace a courtyard landscaped with native plants and a stream.